Monday, January 12, 2009


I don't really know what to talk about first - so I'm doing a miscellaneous post to get all this out of my head, and then I can easily elaborate on a later post.

1) Sandwich heaven - Yesterday, lil K and I made a new bread recipe - it was yummy (as we always think) but today I had a salmon sandwich to DIE FOR...this bread was just sooooo good. Not that heavy, dense whole grain loaf I usually have the day after baking, but a light, fluffy, moist yummy bread. I found I was rather sad I didn't make myself a larger sandwich...I'm thinking this bread recipe is to be bookmarked for futher use! Oatmeal Toasting Bread - my variation didn't use the oat bran, but I was using whole wheat bread flour, so figure that made up for it. I made the 'straight dough' version since it was my first attempt, I didn't want to make extra dough for next time because I wasn't sure I'd like it - next week we'll make it with extra so we can see what happens when you add old dough to the mixture.

2) Rain or Winter Boots for preschool boys - we have been looking, and looking for boots for lil k since before Christmas. I realize with the wild winter weather we had, there would likely be a shortage, but nowhere could we find boots to fit the little man - he's still wearing his size 9s but can't fit bulky socks let alone double socks in them. We could find girl's rubber boots everywhere like Gymboree, Please Mum, Gap Kids - but none of those 3 stores had boy's boots! I got desperate and went to Payless Shoes, and yet again, girls rubber boots and winter boots, but none for boys. We managed to find some at the Bay, but unfortunately, the size 10s were Kidorables which were too large (and we've had 2 problems with Kidorables cracking on the sides and leaking); and another brand with size 9s that were too small :( Grandma went looking at Bubbaloo, and they said this is the wrong time of year for them, but new ones would come out in spring - umm, does that mean I need to tell my son that he chose the wrong time of year for a growth spurt? Luckily grandma found a shop around the corner that when passing by thought it was only a consignment shop but once inside found out they carry new as well as gently used. So here's hoping these fit! Otherwise, we have to wait for the right 'season' to buy new boots :S


Knitman said...

I started to read and realised it was about bread. I love bread but am cealiac(gluten allergy) so ....

I often think it must be really hard to buy for children when they could outgrow whatever in a week!

Katherine C. said...

Yeah, it's even more heartbreaking to knit something for a child that they outgrow so fast. I have kept the infant-sized socks I knit my son as Christmas decorations.

But, his accordian sweater is 'huge' on him, so I should get more than a week out of it :)