Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Over the holidays we were getting over a bad flu bug - so I managed to do some knitting, and some 'chatting' on ravelry. Started the Hedgerow socks in a nice green (photo to follow), one sock is finished the second in progress. The pattern is written for a women's average foot size, but the pattern and the colour I chose would look great on a man...I may need to knit these again in a larger size.

As I was perusing the Ravelry forums, I stumbled across a hat of the month group knit-a-long. This might help with my Christmas 2009 knitting :) At midnight, I attempted to cast-on for the Who Hat (one of the January selections of the group), but being the knitting nerd that I am...I had to try a new technique or two instead of just casting on. So I chose to try out the italian tubular cast-on Problem was, this site didn't talk about doing it in the round, and I ended up frogging three different times because it kept twisting. Add to that, I couldn't find my 4mm dpns and was attempting 'magic loop' on this at the same time. Needless to say, by 1:15am, I gave it up and went to sleep.

Now, I've found my dpns, and another site talking about the ITCO in the round...I'm giving it another go.

I've got my plans set for New Year's Day...lil k is at his grandparents, big D is watching the Classic Hockey game...

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