Sunday, March 25, 2007

Eric the Octopus

Well, the octopus was a hit with the boy!!! He even took him to bed with him :) Keiran chose the colour out of my choices of spare yarn (100purewool in Aquisgran colour). We named the octopus "Eric" in memory of a rubber octopus that sat on hubby's old beater Volvo - eventually someone stole the rubber octopus, but his 'spirit' remained with the car (we figure Eric was the only reason the car still ran!)

Now I can work on finishing some other things - Keiran was very happy with the knitting fairies and didn't ask for anything else yesterday!

Eric is done without seams, with 8 i-cord tentacles knit into the body - I may have made it more difficult than necessary, but when a 2 yr old is playing with it, I didn't want to sew on the tentacles and risk having them pulled off. Believe me, knitting the tentacles into the body was like knitting with a porcupine in my lap (I knit socks with dpns, but having the extra dpn with the tentacles on it was cumbersome!).
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Farm Animals

I'm playing catchup on my posting - been doing alot of reading/experimenting on knit toys for the daycare ( One great book I've been working with is Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke - we made some wonderful knitted lambs for the daycare 'spring display', however as soon as the children saw them, they had to play with them. Even Keiran didn't want me to take them to the school so I made a set for him, along with a duck. Keiran now would like the 'Knitting Fairies" to make him an octopus - so I'm now creating a pattern and will post once I finish experimenting and obtaining the 'test results' (ie once Keiran critiques it!!)