Sunday, March 25, 2007

Eric the Octopus

Well, the octopus was a hit with the boy!!! He even took him to bed with him :) Keiran chose the colour out of my choices of spare yarn (100purewool in Aquisgran colour). We named the octopus "Eric" in memory of a rubber octopus that sat on hubby's old beater Volvo - eventually someone stole the rubber octopus, but his 'spirit' remained with the car (we figure Eric was the only reason the car still ran!)

Now I can work on finishing some other things - Keiran was very happy with the knitting fairies and didn't ask for anything else yesterday!

Eric is done without seams, with 8 i-cord tentacles knit into the body - I may have made it more difficult than necessary, but when a 2 yr old is playing with it, I didn't want to sew on the tentacles and risk having them pulled off. Believe me, knitting the tentacles into the body was like knitting with a porcupine in my lap (I knit socks with dpns, but having the extra dpn with the tentacles on it was cumbersome!).
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