Sunday, August 24, 2008

Week one - check

It is said a new habit take 21 days to form. I've now managed 7 days!! WHoohoo! Following week one of

So the new shoes have clocked 8k so far...the lil k has clocked 4k via skuut/running... I've now lost the Olympics as inspiration, so I can only hope I can find clubs/running partners to keep me going! Today felt like I was running through sludge, but with the lil k all excited to "race momma", I could keep going! For him it is fun...I need to keep it that way!

Monday, August 18, 2008

3 years later....

I just bought myself a new pair of running shoes. I got inspired by watching the women's olympic triathlon on Sunday night. So, Monday evening, I bought myself a pair of running shoes. The salesperson almost giggled about my being inspired by the Olympics - but if it inspires me to get healthy, what does it matter?

Tuesday evening, I did my first running session - I'm gearing to do an 8k at the Royal Victoria Marathon - so I have 6 weeks to get ready, and with the bootcamp sessions from the summer, I think this should be no problem. Although, I likely need something to chase. I always hated running, except when I played soccer, I could play a full game and not even care...yesterday's run was with the lil k on his Skuut bike. What a hoot! I didn't even bother to do the run/walk, I just kept playing cat & mouse with the little guy on his bike - he had a blast, so did I, plus I fit in a workout without taking time away from him or my work!

Tonight I did my crosstraining on the Nordic Track while the lil k settled down for bed and listened to the swish swish of my workout and pretending he was driving in the rain with windshield wipers...

I should have realized a long time ago that Balance for me, is saving time by multi-tasking his play with my workouts!!!
Now if only I could find a way to knit while working...