Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Hug Means so Much

I'm currently knitting some purple hats for Period of Purple Crying. It's a project to raise awareness that no baby should ever be shaken.

So, today, while I'm knitting my son looks at the hats and is quite intrigued. I tell him they are hats for new babies born in the hospital. At first he's worried I'm going to the hospital and I let him know that we (a group of my beginner's knitters and I) are dropping them off at a yarn store and they will take them to the hospital.

"So they are gifts to the new babies so they all get a hat when they are born?"

"Yes, just like you got one when you were born"

He then hugs me and thanks me for knitting hats for the babies.

I can't stop smiling :)
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