Sunday, December 30, 2007

Knitting is a Sport!?

Lil k was at gma's for the weekend, so hubby & I did all sorts of things we wouldn't otherwise - like shopping, watching loud action movies, eating dinner out, knitting without interruption, etc. In the midst of this, I think I got a knitting-related injury yesterday...I'm knitting a sweater for lil k (Accordion from Fall 2003 while watching The Bourne Ultimatum, in the end I was knitting so furiously (all caught up in the action), that I had to get a heat pack for my shoulder and my forearm was all hot and achy...D laughed and said knitting must be a sport now if I can get a related injury!

This morning I'm finding my back behind my left shoulder blade feels bruised...guess I didn't "train" for all the knitting I was doing this weekend...I guess toddler interruptions are necessary "breaks" to prevent knitting injuries

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays

It's been a long busy day, and an overly excited toddler is overtired and cranky...but, in his overtiredness, he still realizes that I have finally finished uncle jeff's socks, and now can knit him a new pair of socks. Supposedly he wants red, black, white, brown and purple socks...I can't seem to find all those colours in my stash of yarn, so either I have to mix sock yarns, or go shopping tomorrow :)

And yes, the stocking is bigger than the boy....for now...

All the best for the holidays, and hope you and yours had a wonderful time!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Eggnog and socks

I'm sitting beside the fire, sipping rum and eggnog, knitting socks while waiting for my traditional shortbread to finish this Christmas or what? Finally got back to these socks, hope to finish the second sock tomorrow so I have Christmas Eve 'free'.

Managed to get whipped shortbread done before breakfast, now the traditional shortbread tonight, I just might skip making anything else, although I really, really, really love the caramel shortbread bars...hmmm, I sense a theme here...we seem to like the buttery stuff!

Back to knitting these socks - the recipient doesn't read my blog (to my knowledge, and it would seem out of character for him anyhow), so that's why I have no issue posting it as is for now!
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 more nights...

My grand plans for the holidays did not pan out, I missed every single craft show I planned to attend, I didn't complete my shopping yet, I gave up knitting a gift for David, and I'm now realizing I have tripled what my budget was for Keiran's gifts, so I will not worry myself about knitting him a sweater to open on Christmas morning. Although he does need a new sweater since he's outgrown one and Daddy lost the other, it'll be a 'just because I love you' sweater...those are the best kind :)

Still working on socks, surprisingly thought I'd have them finished last weekend, but somehow didn't get to knitting them! I now realize planning knitting time is impossible with a toddler, so knitting will have to revert back to 'whenever I can' and I not set deadlines .

But then I said that last year when I didn't complete 5 knitted holiday gifts...Sad to admit this, but only one got mailed in January, and three others just went out with this year's gifts...I still have one sitting in my knitting basket. Unfortunately, being the size it is now, it is not a portable project, and not one I can easily do while a toddler is running around. So the only time I could work on this is
1) if the toddler was not in the house, but if he's out of the house, I'd take the opportunity to get a really good cleaning done on the house! or
2) once dear toddler is in bed. But after a day of work and toddler wrangling for bath/bedtime, I just want to go to bed and knit socks or something 'light'.
I think I'll have to apply the "Flylady" 15 minute rule - you can do anything in 15 minutes! at a time...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Knitting Envy...

It's the time of year knitters' are at a frenzy either trying to finish their holiday gift projects, or if they are 'normal' knitters, frantically coming up with gift ideas to knit in the dwindling days we have before the day arrives...

I have one gift done! and I swore I wouldn't do knitted gifts this year due to last year's fiasco (3 gifts of which still haven't been mailed and have been travelling in the back seat of our car for a couple of months now...)
However, I've now since read YH's blog, and seeing that she has a very good and organized friend who has created a schedule for her to follow to get her gifts done, I'm now in the 'mood' to knit gifts again...but alas, I have no friend who can schedule me, and for some strange reason, this year my work is busier than ever!!! I thought people slack off in December or go on holiday so I'd have a 'slow' period...not that I want things to be slow, but being so busy means working extra hours and losing valuable knitting time for the busiest knitting month of the year (well busiest if you don't think ahead of time and plan the knitting earlier!)

I have knitting envy...

Saturday, December 01, 2007


It's snowing here in's beautiful. I've never been able to TRULY be ready for the holiday season without some snowfall. That's likely why I was always ready for Christmas in November when I lived in Ontario. My son is sitting in his room, looking out the back window at the neighbour's yard, snow falling and singing Wassail, Wassail. Is it wrong that a toddler knows the words to two verses of the Gloucester Wassail song, Jingle Bells and Santa Claus is Coming to Town, yet his song of choice right now is the Wassail song?

I'm knitting by the fire looking out the window at the snow :)