Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 more nights...

My grand plans for the holidays did not pan out, I missed every single craft show I planned to attend, I didn't complete my shopping yet, I gave up knitting a gift for David, and I'm now realizing I have tripled what my budget was for Keiran's gifts, so I will not worry myself about knitting him a sweater to open on Christmas morning. Although he does need a new sweater since he's outgrown one and Daddy lost the other, it'll be a 'just because I love you' sweater...those are the best kind :)

Still working on socks, surprisingly thought I'd have them finished last weekend, but somehow didn't get to knitting them! I now realize planning knitting time is impossible with a toddler, so knitting will have to revert back to 'whenever I can' and I not set deadlines .

But then I said that last year when I didn't complete 5 knitted holiday gifts...Sad to admit this, but only one got mailed in January, and three others just went out with this year's gifts...I still have one sitting in my knitting basket. Unfortunately, being the size it is now, it is not a portable project, and not one I can easily do while a toddler is running around. So the only time I could work on this is
1) if the toddler was not in the house, but if he's out of the house, I'd take the opportunity to get a really good cleaning done on the house! or
2) once dear toddler is in bed. But after a day of work and toddler wrangling for bath/bedtime, I just want to go to bed and knit socks or something 'light'.
I think I'll have to apply the "Flylady" 15 minute rule - you can do anything in 15 minutes! at a time...

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