Sunday, July 30, 2006

Fuzzy caboose

Forgot to show off these photos - did this soaker months ago using CobWeb Woolies 50/50 wool/mohair blend. Used the Punk Knitter's pattern, yet must have forgotten what size I was doing because it came out wayyy too huge, so I felted it - so now lil k has a 'fuzzy caboose'
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Keiran's sock...

Well, my first venture into sock knitting is becoming 'interesting' to say the least!!! First of all I purchased a pattern that I started with - but it has no gauge listed, nor does it mention # of inches you should have, I thought it looked waayyy too small, so 'frogged' and decided to try the Yarn Harlot recipe...I did my gauge, did some calculations based on what I measured and THIS is what is coming out...
I know it seems to look like a sock, but it's supposed to be for a toddler!!
I'm going to keep going and see what happens...I'm not in the mood for more frogging (and I did pull it on ds's leg, it fit the calf, but not so sure they'll stay up!!!) Posted by Picasa