Monday, January 29, 2007

Birthday weekend

Hubby & I both celebrated our b-days this weekend - although celebrate is not a good word to use for my mood!!! But finally managed to get myself some time to knit up a cute little make-believe crown for my little prince (who's turning 2 on Feb 7th!) Going to make more for the daycare as soon as I find some more 'royal' colours for the little princes and princesses...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

gifts update

Finished felted purse, just need finishing touches and it goes in the mail :)

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

I attempted to write a summary of our 2006 (aka christmas card newsletter), but it was so full of 'new things' I just couldn't get it all down. Having a toddler learning new things really motivated me to learn new things too!

I got inspiration from SockKnitters about focussing on what were the top NEW things we did in 2006!

1) Knitting: I started knitting socks; learned a whole bunch of new knitting techniques like twisted german cast-on, 2socks on 2 circulars; found some awesome yarns (although it's now become a new addiction for me), learned about different types of needles, and met some wonderful new friends online, at the knitting guild, and at the Knit-Out. As well I played in SockWars 2006 where I was assasinated by a lovely grey wooly pair of socks, but not before I sent my killing shot out with a green pair of superwash socks that I managed to knit in one weekend!

2) Daycares: I learned more than I probably wanted to learn about daycares, private schools, montessori, waldorf, etc. I became president of the daycare society, and am busily putting my MBA back to work to do a feasibility study on opening a second location as well as funding models for the current location.

3) Geocaching: I started another new 'hobby' called geocaching - well actually, that was Ralph's (coworker, friend, co-conspirator) fault, he kept talking about it and going out at lunch on these missions that I just had to tag along. I now have my own GPS unit and have found 17 'caches'.

4) Charities: I've been doing more charity and volunteer work - from donating items for auction, to donating my time, to running for the cure, to running Tupperware fundraisers. In fact, to help do fundraising for the daycare, I got myself a Tupperware account in order to eliminate the commission part of the fundraising and have all the proceeds go to the daycare!

Well, let's say the list is very long on new things this little guy did - walking, turning 1, starting at daycare, talking, running, visiting places like Butchart Gardens, Santa Claus, etc...

As for next year, it's anyone's guess, but doing new things will be a priority! I love this line borrowed from Linda Edgecombe "when was the last time you did something for the first time?"

So hope you have a wonderful 2007, with lots of 'new things' to see/learn/do, while still appreciating the old (like keeping in touch with me )