Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Westshore knitting...

I recently moved from downtown, heart of Victoria (James Bay) where there were a variety of knit night venues, yarn shops, spinning shops, etc. I now live in the Westshore - Langford, where even the community recreation program doesn't include knitting in its offering and where one of the downtown yarn shops attempted to open a satellite store that it closed less than a year later.

So, I've been on a search for a nice place to knit on Tuesday nights - and then I'll start inviting people to join me once I have a 'scheduled' location. I've started a knitting night before, but having the group all voice their preferences had us move the night from Tuesday to Wed to Thurs to Monday, then changed location from a pub to a coffee shop to a meeting room in the back of another coffee shop...we lost people along the way. So this time, I'm picking a place and that's it.

Tuesday nights because that's my night out

Location - to be determined.

1) Starbucks downtown Langford - open til 9pm, bright, free wifi for me to check my ravelry patterns - BUT it's small and crowded even on a tuesday.
2) Serious Coffee Millstream Village - very spacious, lots of comfy seating, free wifi, but I found it difficult to see my stitches on my son's navy socks I was knitting - as well, it closes at 8pm.
3) pubs - variety to get around to - but I'll need to find a partner-in-crime for this - don't like the idea of sitting alone in a pub :)

BTW, Yarn Harlot posted the pattern for the Pretty Thing cowl (finally).