Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Breakfast at Keiran's

My little man is a huge breakfast fan...good news since I'm not, but because of him, I make breakfast for him and eat with him each morning :)
Cereal, toast, fruit, juice and then he still asks for more!!! Maybe it's because it's all over his face??
Was thinking perhaps we should knit 'dinner shirts' (aka bibs) for the daycare - we are knitting facecloths to wipe the children's faces/hands after snacks/lunch, perhaps the dinner shirts could be knit too??hmmmm, I think I have a project to create this weekend - need to replace the bibs at home anyways, he's been destroying the velcro tabs and I do not have a snap press to ooooh, maybe I can do that too...
Off to create :)
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1 comment:

Knitman said...

Oh to be a child again and just stuff your face for breakfast! ;-)
He looks delightfully happy.