Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Child of a knitter

Recently a friend/babysitter commented that 'you can tell lil k is the son of a knitter because...' and that has caused me to observe my little man for the last few weeks. Young children learn by observing and imitating. As I was already made aware, I need to be sure I'm worth imitating!! So strangely enough, it is very apparent my son is the child of a knitter, BUT, it is also apparent he's the child of a volleyball guy, grandson of a hockey player, child of music, etc, etc.

However, back to the knitting - here's a growing list of ways my son shows he's a child of a knitter:

1) You mention you made a mistake and need to frog back a few rows - the child (although only 4) goes "awwww" and pats you sympathetically.
2) Temperatures are lower than usual for your climate, you say your hands are cold, and the child tells you to knit some gloves to keep them warm.
3) He received a cotton Hudson Bay blanket for Christmas and asked later if grandma knit it for him.
4) After pulling yet another string off a pair of cheap store-bought gloves, he informs me that I need to knit him some new gloves.
5) After finding me playing with his helicopter, he mentions that the toy is his and I have knitting needles and wool to play with.

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