Thursday, January 08, 2009

King Winter Arrived

On the twelfth day, the 3 Kings arrived at the stable, everyone had a wonderful time with the baby, stuck around on January 7th...then vanished and were replaced by white snow, cool blue background, a 'mountain' with King Winter standing there (photo added)

This nearly traumatized lil k...he was afraid King Winter yelled at the baby and sent him away and was crying insolably for nearly 20 minutes about where'd everyone go, he wanted the baby back and the three kings should be travelling around the house somewhere, etc...I had to remind him that at his "old school" King Winter arrived after the three kings...didn't seem to work.

After eating and contemplating, he finally accepted King Winter is here, and we'll watch for the tomten and hedgie (hedgehog) sleeping in their cosy warm homes under the blanket of snow...

Stay tuned - I'll be knitting a sweater for Mother Nature and a cape to have her arrive before King Winter has to leave...maybe I'll transition her in before he leaves so we avoid the breakdown before breakfast....

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