Tuesday, April 08, 2008

What a Relief!

The little man started at his *new* new 'sckool' (preschool) yesterday morning. His transition took all of 15 minutes before he told Daddy to "go now, I have work to do!" He was all smiles and excited when I picked him up at 11:30am, came home to make lunch, had a rest. So, unlike the other 'new sckool' he attended in March, he was well fed, happy, dress appropriately for outside play, went potty...twice, and all in all, his usual happy-go-lucky self. Ahhhh, I can relax more now when he's off to 'sckool'.

On the otherhand, I'm now only able to work M-F 8:15-11:15, and 'possibly' between 1-2:30 depending upon how long he keeps up his naptime! The work thing isn't just about finances, since of course his daycare is a lower cost being only half days, but it's more about ME having that business contact and knowledge. I like what I do for a living, I like my business and clients and projects that I work on...now I've had to cut the time down, and feel sort of torn - I should be happy that I can stay at home with the little man, but at the same time, I miss my "work life".

It's only been two days...who can tell how I'll feel next week!
(we made banana bread together today, we cut vegetables for soup yesterday...what will the little man want to do tomorrow???)

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