Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Daily Rhythm and Rhyme

It's interesting how young children thrive on a rhythm. It gives them a sense of security, as they know what is coming next. I've read a number of parenting books that speak to this, and many daycare "philosophies" that promote it as well. Yet, few daycares that I've toured actually put it to practice. The little man's experience last month was proof of that - their philosophy and history in the community were great. But in actual practice, they couldn't get a rhthym going - they kept changing the pattern because it wasn't working out for one reason or another...unfortunately, the children were acting out because of it. Although they are adaptable (more so than adults), the constant change was hard for them.

Strangely enough, with this new "life-changing" event for me (ie shifting to half-time work, half-time at home mom), *I* feel better with routine. I've been trying to follow the FlyLady principles, but I would always stray away from them eventually - they never really ingrained as habits....however, this week, I'm developing my own routines and it's made my 'transition' easier. It's only day 3 (after a week of the little man being home sick though!), but I think I need the security of a weekly rhthym...

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