Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Candle Making

I didn't have the camera for Candlemas (last Saturday) when we made our first set of beeswax candles.
So now today (Saturday a week later), we are making some more and surprise, surprise we have a camera!
Here's the canning pot I'm using for my heat, I set a coffee can on the 'jar lifter' since I found putting a coffee can directly on the bottom will tend to tip the can when water bubbles try to 'escape' from under neath it.
Last week I hung the holders on wooden spoons, but didn't like that idea much. So I contrapted something on the ladder -the 'holders' are the tops of hangers based upon instructions I got from
here (
And at the bottom are my finished candles from last week - a little 'lumpy' but for my first try, I'm fine with it - hubby calls them 'corrugated candles'. I think we got some water into the wax accidentally last week, and that's what caused the corrugation.
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