Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Three years ago today, I had some tummy pains, had a great lunch/chat with a friend, although all I could eat was soup since I knew a little person was on his way (and supposedly once labour is started, you shouldn't eat solid foods - can't recall why exactly, but I did have tea and soup for lunch because of that). Wasn't all that annoying until hubby decided to call me a few times that day to check how far apart contractions were - I really didn't know 'cause I wasn't paying attention. So once I timed them (10 minutes apart at that point), I realized they hurt, kinda, and was not overly pleased with hubby for bringing those 10 minute experiences into the forefront of my attention span! So I chose to ignore them again. Then around 4:30, the water broke, and all hell broke loose then, those little annoying pains that actually did hurt before when I paid attention, ended up REALLY hurting (little did I know that wasn't the painful part!) Now the rest is really a blur, but suffice it to say I had a little person in my arms by 8:35, and I had no idea what I was in for!

After that, I've come to realize that my mother should have had all the birthday wishes/day off each year on Jan 29th instead of me...considering all I did was 'showup' that day... I now think I'll celebrate Feb 7th for me...Happy Birthday Keiran, momma is going to celebrate with a pedicure and massage!

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Saw you on Ravelry, can I tell you how really ironic it is that our son's have similar names? And their birthdays are 4 days apart? My son's name is Kyran, which is a derivative of Kieran. Sorry to be random and creepy, I just thought it was neat.