Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's got to be happy hour!

What a day - not including the toddler escapades this morning at 6:10am, and between 7-8am attempting to get ready for work...this has been the major events of my day so far...
1) had a meeting today scheduled for 1pm, received copy of contract (discussion topic for meeting) at 8:24am via email
2) Said document kept crashing word, emailed to find out if there was an issue for anyone else
3) put memory stick into computer, computer shut down immediately
4) restarted computer, supposedly Windows had experienced a critical error - virus definitions updated, scan conducted, outlook took 30 minutes to process because personal folders were not shut down properly, etc....nada, seemed to be fine, although I lost some critical time preparing for meeting.
5) in the midst of all this, zipper on pants broke, found this out when attempting to go to bathroom and pants would not unzip. Said zipper came flying off after repeated attempts to undo it (on a good note, I hadn't waited until the last possible minute to go to the bathroom, so I had my bladder control throughout this process!)
6) had gift card from Christmas in my purse (yippeee), figured I had time to go shopping for new pants before 1pm meeting.
7) tried on 7 pairs of pants, finally decided on a pair - gulp, 15 minutes until I had to be at meeting.
8) got to meeting with 5 minutes to spare, changed pants in bathroom before meeting start.
9) walked back to office in torrential downpour, feet are soaked....should have bought new socks and shoes too I guess...

It's 2:38pm, I think it's time to call it a day!?

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