Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nature Tables

On Wednesday, the Victoria Waldorf Society had its monthly craft night and we made a lovely daffodil child - so it became the start of our Nature table.

I don't have a copy of the book that much of this would relate to "The Story of the Root Children", but my 3 yr old
was quite taken with the flower child and enquired where the rest of the root children were. With my limited knowledge of the story, I told him they were still painting their clothes to come out as flowers

So, our nature table evolved over the last few days - first I put a playsilk (koolaid dyed) as background along with the log and pinecone seen above. Then I made a flower child from carded wool; a root child from a felted sweater, and crocheted a root 'baby'.

Finally, I had to start making more flower children, because when spring arrives with the crocuses, tulips, and daffodils, that is the root children with their brightly painted clothing... and then of course Easter comes so we needed as a result, each night this week I've been making items for our nature table...

The little boy's contribution has been in telling me what is missing and he's now added a carrot for the bunnies and easter eggs...

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Karen said...

What a lovely idea and the 'children' are exquisite; nature, human and otherwise interacting! Thanks for sharing.