Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wee kilty ordered

Well, lil k has a kilt ordered for him to wear at my brother's wedding! It's only a 12" long kilt it'll be sweet! Now he needs white knee socks. The lovely lady at Touch O' Tartan said we should not try to dress him like an adult with jacket, kilt shirt, kilt hose, etc...but...this gives me an excuse to start a new project!!!! Wee kilty hose!??

So yes, DH is away, I dove into the storage and fished around looking for all my plain wools, wondered about using the Galway Irish Wool, the 100purewool Crudo, or the Henry's Attic Kona Sock yarn that I haven't gotten around to dying yet....

I came out with two skeins (decided against the Kona). No, I'm not going to make mini kilt-hose - instead I'm just using my Galway irish wool in the toddler spiral tube sock pattern In plain wool, they'll look so perfect with his kilt!

Shhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm not supposed to start a new project...but then, that's what DH gets for going away to volleyball

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