Friday, August 31, 2007

Sock Solutions...

I knit my friend's sock, started the second one then realized I didn't have enough yarn...silly me was doubling a fingering weight to create a dk weight for the pattern, but 'duuuuh', the pattern required just over 1 ball, and I was doubling...that means I should have had 3 balls in my stash at the very least!!! So, I have options:

1) frog, wind and use the yarn for standard sock pattern

2) frog just the length to fit MY foot, and make a second sock in another colour so I have a mismatched pair of bedsocks (no problem to me!)

3) use the single sock for another purpose?

but, after chatting at our Knit Night (every 2nd Monday evening at the Bent Mast), everyone agreed I should make a second sock in another colour and give them to my friend because they are boot socks afterall and then she can wear 2 colours (it's a anthroposophical colour thing that I don't understand yet). Her daughter had stopped by Knit Night and agreed that I should give her 2 different coloured socks... she also commented on the knitting as looking interesting - so, I gave her a set of needles, some cotton yarn to get started on a cloth for the daycare...she's now hooked - one of the others in attendance mentioned to me that her facebook comments said "What HAVE YOU DONE TO ME - I'm hooked - need to go out and buy myself knitting needles!!!" Interestingly, each new knitter makes their first few discloths for the daycare, then when they get good, they start making them as gifts for friends/family so the daycare has some misshapen cloths, but it doesn't matter, it's all good for washing little faces!

BTW, I did go out and buy some dk wool/nylon yarn to make a different pair of socks for my friend - I don't know about mismatched socks yet....maybe for her birthday it'll be funny...

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