Saturday, August 25, 2007

Playdates and boot socks...

We had a playdate this morning (lil k and I). Met up with the friend who had knit lil k his socks (see post) and her dd. I thoroughly enjoyed myself having someone to chat with at the park watching toddlers doing their thing in the playground. She said she hasn't knit since dd was born and is sorely missing it!!! Strangely enough, I've been knitting MORE since ds was born!

I had finished ds's socks last night, and he had them on this morning for a brief stint until I asked that we put his slippers on to keep the socks from getting dirty - silly momma, he now is afraid to get the socks dirty so took them off :( Didn't get a chance to even take a photo of them on the feet! (will do that tomorrow!)

So now that my other friend asked for a pair of boot socks like lil k's, I've spent a good chunk of time stash sifting and pattern surfing to decide to make her a pair of the 'International Socks of Doom' from last year's Sock Wars. It took me 3 cast-ons, but I'm now knitting happily along using 2 strands of Paton's Kroy that I picked up from the church thrift shop (2 skeins for $1 ).

But now I'm feeling guilty - I've now made 2 pairs of socks for lil k, one for me, one for a complete stranger in sock wars, a pair for my dad, then now I'm going to make a pair for a friend before I make a pair for DH? He's already bugged me about the fact this coming September will be 10 years since we met and I have YET to knit him a sweater (or even a vest he pleads!). I have made him one pair of felted slippers in all the time we've known each I look at these socks on the needles in this 'odd' brown colour (not quite brown, not taupe, not sure what it is, depends on the light)....and I think to myself that this sock is a unisex pattern, so perhaps I should make them for him? I knit along and think about it more, I could knit my friend a different pair of boot socks. I knit some more and know that I really don't want to knit the same thing twice. I know, I'll make them for dh, and find another pattern for her, besides, I think she'd prefer the turquoise wool/mohair I have peeking out the top of my laundry basket (yes, I have a laundry basket with yarn in it! Another complaint of DHs, but that's a story for another day).
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