Monday, August 20, 2007

Socknitters are the nicest, most creative people

I have these socks for lil K, love them, they're so soft, and were a gift at my baby shower. A friend made these (one of the first pairs of socks she had knit after taking a sock knitting class). But lil people get such little wear out of the beautful baby things made for them (case in point, the bunting bag I made for bringing baby home - at least it was too big for him when born, but he quickly outgrew it in his first month!!!)

Anyways, I was debating what to do with the socks when I was clearing out outgrown clothing. I didn't want to give them away, but didn't want them sitting inside a baby album (again, case in point, what the heck am I going to do with the shoes that *I* had as an infant, totally didn't fit lil K, that's for sure??)

I thought long and hard, and wondered about re-using the yarn in a spiral tube sock for toddlers so that they would get more wear, and still he'd have his handknit I posted to the group to get feedback before asking my friend (in case it would have been outrageously rude!!!)

Some thought it was a great idea, some thought it should be saved for my son's son, but someone came up with a wonderful idea that really works for us!!! Putting them on our Christmas Tree!!! Now considering the fact I'm singing Jingle Bells year round, I love the holiday season, nearly kill myself coming up with surprises and tokens of holiday spirit in unusual places, why didn't I think of this????

I must be getting old...

Did I ever tell you about the time I played Santa in our apartment building and left a stocking with goodies on everyone's door??? It was a small complex, so I didn't break the bank, but no-one ever figured it out (I got a gift too ). Hmmm, perhaps mini-socks with candycanes would be nice on my tree this year.....DRATS!!! I now have another new project....

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