Thursday, October 25, 2007


Our household has been sick. Dear lil k had not just one, but TWO ear infections (poor little guy) and full sinuses. He's on mega-antibiotics now.
I, on the otherhand, have a sinusitus, with my ears bothering me, but not necessarily infected. I'm desperate to get some work done (too many deadlines come/gone and I'm not done!), but with a sick toddler in the house, and my head feeling like it is a 50lb deadweight on my shoulders, writing any sort of document is beyond hope (I'm just hoping this blog isn't something I need to fix later!)

So, on a good note, I got more of my sock done :)

And, my 2.5+ year old wants to knit 'for real' - so he now can recite the poem "under the fence, around the sheep, bring it on through and off it leaps"...AND he's attempted finger knitting as well, although he seems to have more success knitting with needles (with my helping). It was cute at first, but now anytime I want to knit, he wants me to help him now I no longer can knit in front of him??? :(

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