Thursday, October 18, 2007

Evil, Evil, Evil

Okay, maybe not evil, but Ravelry is an enabler...I was so pumped when I first got on there, having to post photos of my stash, listing projects completed, listing projects in progress, that I felt I needed to complete those WIPs and got myself down to 2 projects not yet completed.

Then I started filling out the 'queue' portion of my 'notebook' - ie what projects I want to do....and then got sidetracked by patterns and other people's projects.

Needless to say, I now have 15 projects queued, and 5 WIPs and dangerously close to adding more
AND I have NOT added the projects I saw in YH's blog/Ravelry list...nope, not gonna make it'll be too disheartening to have more queue'd than I've completed in the last 2+years...

Although....I don't think I put ALL my projects in there... so if I add projects, I can add more into the queue, right?

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Raven said...

Welcome to the dangers of Ravelry. I know it has certainly consumed much of my knitting and spinning time. But there is so much to learn.