Sunday, October 28, 2007

Roll Top or Straight Up

My socks have options I happily knitted along until I got itchy to start a new sweater for Keiran....I knew I shouldn't have been looking at patterns on Ravelry today, but I saw a sweater for Keiran that I have exactly the perfect yarn for (and the exact amounts required too!!!) so I believe it was meant to be....but I am knitting socks, and a sweater, and a shrug, and facecloths and had already started a sweater for Keiran. So instead of knitting the socks until I ran out of wool, I knit, tried them on, knit, tried them on, and finally decided to bind them off - now I need to get the 2nd one done so I can start that sweater!!!!

On a happy note, the socks have a dual personality, they can be straight up, or rolled down, and I actually like them either way :)

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