Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm exhausted...we finally have a new house, and are moving this week, but in the days preparing for it, we've been painting, cleaning, transporting awkward items; transporting precious breakable items...and trying to keep a 4.5yr old entertained, excited about his new space, and calm because everything this changing.

For an adult, we can go for a run, take stress pills, take additional vitamin B & C, meditate, do yoga, or whatever it is that 'works'. For the little guy, change is very scary, and we somehow have to create some 'normalcy' which is very difficult during a move. So although I'd like to keep working, packing, I do have to stop and play so he is able to adjust. He is also wanting more of our time than normal (he'll usually find things to play by himself for awhile before wanting someone to join in - but this past week, he doesn't want to do anything alone).

This past weekend I had help from friend and parents while hubby was away...I was still struggling to do what I felt needed doing and yet keep my son calm. Hubby is definitely better at redirection than I - we called him at one point and he had a great job for lil k to do - take paper/pen, walk around the house and draw what furniture is going to go where...that kept my son busy for about 5-10 minutes, but it was enough to calm him and he then found himself something to play with while we continued painting.

I joke that my husband is a big kid, and that's why he can come up with these fun activities to redirect my son's attention to avoid meltdowns...maybe he needs to come up with activities for me to redirect myself to avoid my meltdowns :)

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