Saturday, May 03, 2008


It was a bit of a rainy, misty day today, but that didn't stop us from going to the annual Mayfest at Sunrise. We had the little man all decked out in muddy buddies, boots, hat, so he was ready for the weather. Strangely enough, his most fun was had in jumping in and out of the puddles in the parking lot (go figure!).

My real intent for going was to 'shop' for waldorf toys and look at the dolls. Due to the weather, the retailers attending this year were inside the school, so I managed to browse around, chat, socialize while the lil man and daddy played outside. I kept dry at least

Sadly, no-one had any wool for sale, although there was roving for spinning and roving for needle felting available for draws. I didn't get a phone call, so I'm assuming I didn't win :(

But from the Island Oak Highschool table I bought myself a lovely watercolour painting by a local artist, Jennifer Lawson. Then from Natural Pod, I bought the most adorable little jar of jam and bottle of milk, for the little man's breakfast table. They had a bunch of felted eggs, bacon, etc but I just couldn't bring myself to buy something I *know* I can make I guess I'm adding ANOTHER new project to my evergrowing list of things to do...

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