Thursday, May 29, 2008

I've gone and lost it now!

The little man had another asthma attack this weekend Started out as allergies (we saw the doc on Thursday), then it turned quickly into a respiratory infection and then asthma. We're back on puffers again, antibiotics, and I'm trying to get some supplements to prevent this in future!

According to most recommendations, we really need to get rid of carpets - but being in a rental, and not quite ready to buy just yet (we're waiting out the market decline) - I decided to invest in the best vacuum going. Check with my bro, and he said his dyson does a great job. Being its the first vacuum in Canada to be approved by the Canadian Asthma Society, I had to try it out. Now, being a good little procurement person, I had to do some research before purchasing it. I did check that the pricing was the same across the board (Canadian Tire, FutureShop, The Bay, online at Dyson). So shopping around wasn't getting me anywhere. I also read some reviews. It was funny to read these - check this guy out: I thought, who on earth would get that excited over a vacuum cleaner???

Well, let me tell you - I went to the Bay (Canadian Tire was sold out), and they had a deal on that you get a spring cleaning kit with any Dyson for $0.01 - cool, the value I found out later was more than $100! Anyhow. I had vacuumed the main floor on Tuesday - so thought I'd try my brother's experiment and vacuum the same spot with the Dyson to see what was 'left behind' by my old vacuum. After vacuuming Keiran's bedroom, the hall in front of his door, and the stairs - we had the equivalent to what would have been 1/4 of a vacuum bag in my old vacuum!!!! YIKES! I then tried the attachment to dust his blinds - unbelievably simple and clean - no washing in the bathtub required! I did our bedroom - the flat head actually reached under my bed!! whoohoo, no more moving the bed (which I really can only do about twice a year!)

I did stairs, I did floors, I can't believe I had FUN vacuuming...and I couldn't stop talking about it - just like now, again, I can't say enough about how much I loved this thing...

My new Dyson must have sucked my mind up at the same time as the dust/dirt/dander/catfur...

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