Friday, August 06, 2010

Knitting at the RVM - hmmmm

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I've been quiet for a bit due to lots of other things going on in life. One of which is that my husband and I are training for the Royal Victoria Marathon (now supposedly known as the Good Life Victoria Marathon due to title sponsorship - I think they should have kept the Royal in the title, but I digress...)

I've had a couple of setbacks on the training however...I lost the month of June due to an unexplained cough that wouldn't go away...after a month on the puffer there was no difference, but give me 4 days on allergy pills, and it went away (too bad I didn't figure that out sooner!) Now that's behind me, my shoulder issue is flaring up while running as July/August has the longer runs starting now - we're going for mileage now, not just time!! Last Saturday (one week after I started training again), we had to do 16km - and the shoulder/neck muscles voiced their disagreement early into the run. Hubby, having significant knowledge about sports injuries, had me clench my hands/release and do some finger dexterity exercises - told my physio about this and he agreed that was 'bang on'. If the hands are in use, the shoulder muscles can't tense up! (hmmm, I joked with hubby that perhaps I should knit)

Anyhow, tomorrow we have a 21km run, and I decided to go read some Runner's World magazines for motivation. Well, what do you know, June 2010 issue had a reference to a knitter with a guiness record for longest scarf knitted while doing a marathon!!! Guess what I'm going to try on my run tomorrow ;)

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