Saturday, January 02, 2010

Knitting choices...

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I've joined Team Canada for the Ravelympics (knitting olympics, accessible only by the 1/2 million members of Ravelry). Basically, this is competing in one or more categories of knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving/designing from the time the torch is lit at the opening ceremonies, until the closing ceremonies of Vancouver 2010...I have a month+ to decide what I'm 'competing in'.

Most people pick something to challenge themselves...having done entrelac for a scarf for christmas, there goes a new 'technique' challenge for myself :( I've done 2socks on 2circulars, I've done magic loop, I've done toe up and toe down socks...I can't think of what I could complete in 17 days time and yet still challenge I'm searching interweave knits magazines, ravelry pattern lists for inspiration...while at the same time trying to figure out my christmas knitting list (probably good to make the knitting dual purpose right?)

My queue on Ravelry is a mile long, yet I can't decide on what I'll knit for 17 days?!?!?!

If you're up for it, join in! - (you need to be a ravelry member to log in).

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