Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's the end of a long, happy day. I'm exhausted, having stayed up until 2:30am last night trying to finish The Deadliest Crab for lil k (like he needed another gift!). I resigned myself at 2:30am, when shaking and having chills that I needed sleep before the lil guy would wake me up in his excitement. I figured a crab that needed assembly (I needed only to sew the legs on) might be fun(ny) for him.

It was a great day, busy, with my parents over, phonecalls back east, and lots and lots of playing and food. It's after seven, the lil guy is now in bed, big D is watching Star Wars, and I've got time to myself without deadlines to meet! I'm too tired to sew the crab legs on, and still have big D's scarf to finish (a gift given on the needles - he had to understand with my having shipped 9 handknit gifts back east to his family, 4 handknits for family here, 1 handknit hat for his secret santa gift, and 3 more for staff at JBCCS). Being too tired to knit, I'm at the computer conjuring up my list of knits for next year - I'll keep on the schedule this time (famous last words). I managed to get 2 gifts done by end of January last year, but stopped knitting the gift list until September (ugh!) maybe I can keep the momentum going in 2010 so I don't have any last minute 'gift assembly' next year... either that, or I'll just give different people gifts on the needles...

Wishing everyone wonderful festive season!
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