Thursday, February 05, 2009

If Today Was Your Last Day

Playing around with radio stations I heard this song by Nickelback. Now I've never been able to truly put myself in the shoes of someone terminally ill and figure out what I'd do if I only had one day, one month or whatever to live. But, this recent warning from the doctor actually made me think this song through.

One line "would you forgive your enemies?" made me realize that a heck of alot of energy is wasted on keeping people as 'enemies'. I've thought that enemies are like those on tv or in a book - someone's ongoing nemesis. Not that I have an ongoing fight with anyone, and I can't really see that I have a nemesis. BUT, I do find it takes alot of work to avoid someone who hurt me severely, so I guess she would be considered an 'enemy' and the work involved does take its toll, not to mention avoiding her has cut me off from some dear friends. I thought about it, and if I did only have one day left, I would forgive my 'enemies'. Once I said that to myself, wow, did I ever feel like alot of weight lifted off my shoulders..

So I guess that means I should forgive my enemies and feel lighter now as opposed to waiting for some major health issue...

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