Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Tumbles and Easter Eggs

Monday I received a phonecall to go pickup lil k from school. He took a tumble and they wanted him checked out. I went into a panic because lil k has taken many tumbles (he's a boy), but to get a phonecall to come get him to go to a doctor to me meant it was SERIOUS.

We arrived to find a joking little boy with a purple and blue goose egg bump on his head which we nicknamed an easter egg. The lil guy had taken his his rubber boots off and put them back on opposite feet and ultimately lost his balance on a step outside. It wasn't serious, it was just a precaution this centre gives to any child - they wanted to be sure there was no concussion to be 'safe'.

So I survived my first phonecall from 'school' for my child's antics...I'm going to be a mess by the time he hits grade school and I get calls about him and his friends attempting to jump from the top of the slide and... (supposedly that's the sort of thing boys do, ugh...) I was hoping to get him skates this year...maybe I'll put it off another year - having sharp blades on the bottoms of his feet don't sound like such a good idea right now...

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