Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday countdown

There are only 29 days until Christmas...I've been counting down since 66 days I have a nifty countdown chalkboard that sits in our kitchen and lil k helps me every morning by erasing the number and 'helping' me write the next number. My husband found mine at a local thrift shop, but there are tons of crafting sites showing how to make these. Maybe when lil k gets bigger we'll customize this board and/or I'll get to bring this countdown board back to my office where I used to hang it :)

So, with only 29 days left, I haven't managed to get gifts sorted out - we made lists, discussed things, got price quotes, but have yet to actually go out and buy them!!! I hate shopping this late in the year. I'd rather be done by Oct 31st, and then watch the crowds in late November/December while sitting and drinking a gingerbread latte. Instead I'm going to be out in these crowds Maybe I'd better take some time off work to go shopping next week...

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