Sunday, December 24, 2006

Dec 24th madness

Okay, I overextended myself - at the moment, knitting is no longer fun for me - I gave up on socks for my brother because I had to frog all the work I did yesterday when I tried the leg on this morning , then attempted 3 more times to restart and finally gave up. He's getting Tupperware instead!

And, as for all the projects for Ontario, well, they are in progress - being that the little guy and I were so sick throughout Nov/Dec, I didn't get in as much knitting time as expected - so as of last weekend I had to prioritize to the 'children'. Managed to whip up a pair of white ballet slippers (Knitty's Twinkletoes) for Lily on Sunday last week - then proceeded to work on Keiran's hat (which again is not finished).

So I'll be posting an email to the family with photos of their 'gifts to come'...guess once I finish them I'll start next year's gifts so I don't have this issue again!!! Although I figure since Sara knits, I'll give her a pattern and yarn next year and let her knit her own!!!!

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