Saturday, April 08, 2006

No rib, no seams soaker

Finally finished my soaker - this soaker was as a result of things that I liked to avoid, and things that I heard from others they didn't like about knitting soakers...I still have to perfect this pattern, but it did work out neat!

1) Ribbing stretches with use - so made a tube and drawstring waistband
2) I hate sewing seams - so knit in the round
3) Grafting/Kitchener Stitch seems to intimidate some - so started at bottom using a conditional cast-on and then knit up the stitches as legholes were done
4) Personally, I don't like knitting up stitches for legholes, there inevitably is a 'hole' somewhere, so did I-cord edges for legholes.

Will let you know the verdict on fit, etc after lanolizing!

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