Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yummy Mummy Knit A Long

January was declared "Selfish Knitting Month", not sure by whom, but a lovely group of tweeps who 'meet' weekly under the hashtag #knitchat decided upon a KAL for selfish knitting - The Yummy Mummy WristWarmers by Linda K.

I cast-on mine today, and already ran into self-made issues.

1) Substituted Jaeger Wool-Silk yarn for the Blue Sky Alpaca yarn called for. BSA requires 2x50g balls, each ball being 133yds - my JWS is 20g balls of 100yds each - this means I'll likely need to make a join on each hand.

2) Using Long-Tail Cast-on - I had too long of a tail, so had to cast-on a 2nd I started knitting realized I cast-on too many (I got lazy & just dropped one hoping it'll be hidden)

3) Sticky Needles - not sure what got onto my 2.75mm needles, but they were sticky so things weren't moving smoothly - had to bring out the microfibre cloth to smooth/clean them down. Not to mention I only had 4 instead of 5 needles (I prefer 5)

4) Started getting ladders (I never get ladders) - originally thought that was due to the 4 vs 5 needles, but it ended up being where I split the 59 stitches - originally split BEFORE the k1tbl that was a sl1 on alternating rows - shifted those over & things seems to be better.
ie split 19, 19, 21 - now split 20, 19, 20

So far, have 20 rows, fits me, looks pretty - just hoping it'll bloom once washed....oh, did I forget to list the fact I didn't swatch??

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